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What home means to you? Is it where you share moments with your loved ones? Where fights end in hugs? Is it where you hang your hat? Where you poop easily? Well, for these moles home is their place to chill, but golfers won't stop knocking balls into their hole. Help Ju and Cho keep the golf balls out of their home so they can have a moment of relaxation.

Mole in One is a cooperative multiplayer game. Gamepads required!


Left stick - Move
A - Throw shovel
Start - Start game

Updated 24 days ago
Published 26 days ago
AuthorsRancho Games, Daniel Moreno, Alex Aspa
Tags2D, Arcade, coop, Multiplayer, Pixel Art


MoleInOne.zip 7 MB


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se que suena raro pero no consigo jugar al juego, cuando me pone press start y pulso la tecla enter, o space, o el ratón, igualmente no lo consigo iniciar.

Enhorabuena! Muy divertido!

Good to see another global game jammer! :) I'll check this out soon!