FIRST UPDATE: New level, keyboard support, coconuts and more!

Ahoy fellow buccaneers!

It's been a long time, but it's not late: New content for Sea Skulls just arrived! We hope you enjoy this changes with your friends like a pirate enjoys a good bottle of rum!

Keyboard support 

Finally you don't need gamepads to play! Up to 2 players can use the keys to join the fight. You can mix keyboard and gamepads too for more action and fun. The controls are:

Player 1

  • Movement - WASD
  • Jump - G
  • Attack/Shoot - H
  • Dodge - J
  • Special Attack - Y

Player 2

  • Movement - Arrow Keys
  • Jump - NumPad 1
  • Attack/Shoot - NumPad 2
  • Dodge - NumPad 3
  • Special Attack - NumPad 5

Options Menu - Now you can adjust the Music, the SFX and activate Fullscreen Mode ✨.

Stage changes:

The ship's hold - New stage!  🙌 Sometimes, even the bravest pirates need to rest and relax. Or not. Fight in a totally new complete covered map and show who is the real captain. Have you already tried the hammock?

In love with the coco 🥥💖 - If you land on a palm tree, a wild coconut may fall. So watch your head, they are dangerous (and funny!). 

Visual updates

Recolor of characters - We have adjusted the palette to grant to each character a more uniform  color, with the objective that it be easier to distinguish the different players. Also includes the player's mark (P1, P2...), and the respawn.

Attack animation - 100% more dynamic, still 100% pirate.

Box particles - When you hit a box, it will turn into pieces of wood instead of potatoes. (R.I.P. Potatoes 🥔).

New logo animation - Now it has some fresh new movement.

That's all!  We hope you like the new content and we will love reading your feedback. See you at Sea Skulls!

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Jun 05, 2018

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