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Hi! I was playing your game in IndieMad and it's very funny, good job!
Are you planning to build it for Linux? If it's Unity it would be easy :)

Hi, I really like this game  ;)   But will there be a version that can be played with the keyboard ??

The game goes to platforms? PS3,PS4,Xbox?

For now we're making the game for PC and MAC, who knows if in the future we'll have a console version.

Can I "emulate" or play this game on X360? It looks so cool!

Right now we've uploaded an exe for windows, dunno if you can make that work on a 360 with some hacker magic :0

Is the game only in Spanish? I cannot understand the language when I open the game. 

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Yes, sorry for that. We're are working to add a multilanguage option. Right now the instructions are pretty simple:

  • On the title screen press A to start the game.
  • Then, each player press A to join ("Unirse").
  • Use left, right and A to select the character you want. In the room for character selection you can try the controls (in this page you have a picture with the controls in English).
  • When you're ready drop into the pit in the middle of the room to start the match (the one that have "Listo" above it. When all the player have dropped into the pit you have press start to start the game (a text appears in the screen that basically says that).
  • In the game the only text that appears are the player's number. "Jug. 1" or "J1" means "Player 1" (Jugador 1)

Hope this helps!

Can I play it with the keyboard ?

Not yet, but we're going to work on keyboard controls soon. We will be updating the game so stay tuned! :)

Everytime I launch it's just a black screen. I'm running windows 10

Hey! Did you try the new version we uploaded some hours ago? Looks like it worked for some people who had the same problem.

If it keeps showing a black screen, try to alt+enter to play on windowed mode. It will work while we try to fix it.

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Game very good but, Multiplayer online? someday ?

We've thought about it, but we are not really sure of working on it or not. We want to work on a single-player mode first (and a cooperative mode too) before we go mad with multiplayer online.


I don't have xbox controllers, I have PS4 Controllers so what should I do about that part?

I use a program called DS4Windows. It's probably outdated, so if that doesn't work try InputMapper. :)

We've used DS4Windows with this game and it works like a charm!

Anyhow, the game supports other controllers, not only xbox ones. If your PC recognises your PS4 controller as a gamepad, it should work on the game, too.


Thx!! :3

Awesome game, i love the special attacks! keep it up guys :D

Thanks! :D

Hi! An XP compatibility solution planned? Controls are editable? Because I'd like jump button in top position instead of bottom, usually I play with  Y=jump B=action A=special RB=dash LB=defend (or better, when the game permit Jump by moving up, then X=action A=special.

Hi! As far as I know, there's no way to make an XP compatible build. The game is made with Game Maker and it doesn't support XP anymore.
We are going to work on editable controls, yes! The game is still on a beta version but we're planning a lot of things, and these include editable controls and keyboard controls too.